Local Industries

Sarnia is home to the University of Western Ontario's Research Park and the Canadian Bio-Industrial Innovation Center. The new center will connect researchers to the local petrochemical industry creating, a close working relationship and reducing the time to commercialize new sources of biofuels and bio-based chemicals. The Center will also assist in attracting new bioindustrial plants to the Sarnia-Lambton area.

Approximately 50% of the Ontario Chemical sector is located in the Sarnia-Lambton area. These industrial partners have formed a number of associations or cooperatives over the years to meet industry needs as well as the needs of the Sarnia Lambton community. The cooperative relationships include:

Industrial Partners

Lanxess Inc. Canadian Website
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Sarnia Lambton Environmental Association
Industries working together for a better environment.
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CAER Website
Community Awareness Emergency Response
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Industrial Education Cooperative
IEC Website
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Bluewater Sustainability Initiative
BSI Website
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