Wastewater Quality Assurance

The 2500 ft2 WWTP laboratory is staffed 24/7 and analysis is completed of the aeration wastewater as well as the final cleaned water being returned to the river. There are more than 23 separate tests and analysis that must be done routinely to ensure the water being returned to the river meets all the MOE standards.

We are proud of the Bio-Industrial Park Sarnia's WWTP record over the years and have continuously improved our performance. We have reduced the conventional parameters, selected metals and halogenated hydrocarbons to less than 25% of the allowable limits.
As part of our concern for the environment, all chemical processing areas currently at the Site are contained. The rainwater falling in the contained areas is captured and pumped into the WWTP to be processed. Roadways and parking lot rainwater drains through the storm water system and is monitored as it returns to the river.

Water Treatment

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